Your World of Color


There is no limit to what you can create with Bakels Pettinice ready-to-roll colored icing and there is no mixing messy colors!


Bakels Pettinice ready-to-roll 750g range of icing has always been of the finest quality and best consistency in the market. We now offer a wide range of  Pettinice colors so that you can put that troublesome color – mixing behind you.


Consistent Color

Bakels Pettinice ready-to-roll colored icing provides you with a convenient pre-colored premium quality icing to create a professional look for all your cake decorating and moulding needs.



Whether you create contemporary or traditional designs, funky or romantic — for a wedding, anniversary, graduation or a first birthday party – Bakels Pettinice helps you achieve the perfect look everytime.

Colored Range

Bakels ready-to-roll Pettinice comes in traditional colors: Ivory, White*, Chocolate, and Almond — plus we have a range of modern colors Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink, Red*, Purple, Blue and Black*.

Bakels Gum Paste also available.

*Pettinice colors  available locally at Bakels Philippines, Inc.